·        Agricultural and Food Sciences

·        Aquatic Sciences (Aquaculture and Fish Diseases, Freshwater Resources Management, Marine Biology, Fisheries Technology and Management, Seafood Processing Technology and Safety)

·        Architecture

·        Astronomy and Space Sciences

·        Biology (Botanic, General Biology, Hydrobiology, Radiobiology, Zoology, Basic and Industrial Microbiology, Molecular Biology)

·        Biomedical Engineering

·        Biotechnology

·        Chemical Engineering (Process and Reactor Design, Unit Operations and Thermodynamics, Chemical Technologies)

·        Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry)

·        Civil Engineering

·        Computer Engineering

·        Electrical and Electronics Engineering

·        Engineering Sciences

·        Environmental Sciences

·        Forestry Sciences (Forest Engineering, Forest Industry Engineering, Landscape Architecture)

·        Geological Engineering

·        Geophysical Engineering

·        Industrial Engineering

·        Informatics

·        Intelligent Transportation Systems

·        Maritime Transportation and Management

·        Mathematics

·        Mechanical Engineering

·        Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

·        Mining Engineering

·        Molecular Biology and Genetics

·        Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

·        Physics (Atomic and Molecular Physics, Nuclear Physics, Mathematical Physics, High-Energy and Plasma Physics, General Physics, Solid-State Physics)

·        Technology Transfer

·        Innovation

·        Patenting

·        Entrepreneurship

·        Start Ups